Hello, my name is Michelle and I love to organize EVERYTHING. A favorite pastime has always been to reorganize my closet or drawer or basement - yes basement! The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I get after tearing apart a drawer or a closet or a room makes me incredibly happy. Not to mention I love everything in its place and I HATE clutter. Clutter? Who said that.

​Moving into my smallest living quarters to date has given me a new appreciation for finding creative ways to optimize space. Or better yet, ensuring I have organized so efficiently that I can still purchase items – and have a place to put them. One of my favorite thing I ever bought, which lasted me over 10 years, are 2 shoe racks I purchased for my first house. When I moved to my second house, I repurposed the shoe racks to store my sweaters and pants on and stacked them on the top shelf of my closet. I have since repurposed th0se “shoe” racks to hold canned goods and groceries in my pantry. Shoe rack > sweater/jean rack > canned goods rack. Not too shabby! I have a knack for repurposing items already owned and using them to optimize and organize my belongings, instead of buying all new organizing gadgets. However, don't get me wrong, I love gadgets and I (surprise surprise) love The Container Store.  But I have learned that organization can be achieved without purchasing new gadgets. My experience and passion for organizing has allowed me to be creative, frugal and smart when I am presented with a space to organize. 


Let me help optimize your space and organize your life!

One drawer, closet or room at a time.

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