Some people may want to be more organized but don't know where to start or don't have the time to begin such an overwhelming project. If either of those thoughts have entered your mind, then I can help!

Are you moving and can't fathom the idea of organizing or staging your home let alone all the packing you'll need to do? I have worked in or been exposed to the real estate career for over 15 years. This means I can help you purge and organize but also help stage your home! My last house sold in less than 3 months. Good market, sure. Great staging, absolutely!
Unorganized Closets?
Is your closet so packed with old clothes that you can no longer fit new clothes into your closet? I can help purge your unwanted clothes and will donate them to local charities for you!           
I actively donate and know which charities will be appropriate for your clothes/shoes etc.
Unruly Clutter? 
Is your kitchen a fumbling disaster with mismatched spices and a chaotic pantry? Does it take you twice as long to cook because you can’t find the pans you need?
Have the papers in your office accumulated to an overwhelming amount? Does the clutter surrounding you distract you from your keeping focused on your work?

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